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How About Dust-Proof Design of PYB2200 Spring Cone Crusher

Water-sealed dust-proof device of cone crusher is to protect lubricating oil from entering dust and to prevent abnormal wear and tear of main cone crusher parts. In the following part, the dust-proof design of PYB 2200 spring cone crusher will be introduc.

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What Is the Improvement for Oil Pump of Spring Type Cone Crusher

Because of continuous operation of lubrication equipment during operation, it is easy to cause wear of oil seal of oil pump and further cause oil pump to enter air without oil. In addition, bad lubrication also causes wear of gear inside pump faster, whic.

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How to Prevernt the Stone Crusher Bearing from Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion of stone crusher bearing will certainly normal production of aggregate crushing plant. In the following parts, the reason and solutions of rust and corrosion of stone crusher bearing will be introduced..

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What Will Cause the Fracture of Main Shaft of PYZ900 Spring Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is widely used in the quarry stone crushing plant. The fracture of PYZ900 spring cone crusher is a common fault, which will seriously affect the normal operation of cone crusher. Therefore, the causes of the fracture of main shaft of PYZ900 s.

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How to Solve the Heating of Oil Pump of Cone Crusher in Granite Stone Crushing Plant

A variety of failures of cone crusher will occur in the production. If it is not repaired in time, the normal production will be greatly affected, even the occurrence of safety accidents. How to solve the heating of oil pump of cone crusher in stone crush.

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What is the Defination of Overlubrication of Lubrication System of Quarry Cone Crusher

Over-lubrication refers to a kind of lubrication condition in which the cone crusher is injected with excessive lubricant in the working process, which results in the increase of bearing temperature, noise and the decrease of bearing life..

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