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Quartzite Crushing Line

Quartzite is a kind of metamorphic rock mainly composed of quartz, which is formed by metamorphism of quartz sandstone and siliceous rock. Quartz main ingredient is silica, Mohs hardness 7, translucent or opaque crystals, generally white..

Solution I

Jaw crusher + Impact crusher

Quartzite raw material through vibrating feeder evenly fed into jaw crusher for coarse broken, then coarse material transported by belt conveyor to impact crusher for secondary crush. Crushed materials are conveyed to the vibrating screen for screening out two kinds of quartzite materials. One quartzite materials can meet the requirement, which is conveyed to the product area. Another oversize materials return to the impact crusher for re-crushing.




Solution II

Jaw crusher + Fine jaw crusher

The quartzite crushing processes of jaw crusher & fine jaw crusher is as follows: jaw crusher(primary crush) →fine jaw crusher(secondary crush) → vibrating screen(screening process). With characteristic of lower investment and convenient maintenance, jaw crusher & fine jaw crusher production line is widely used in ore crushing. This kind of quartzite crushing processes is the best choice for projects in primary and medium scale.

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