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Wet sand making line

artificial sand is widely used in highway construction, concrete making, and relevant construction fields. Due to the gradual shortage of natural sand resources and the booming construction industry, machine-made artificial sand becomes even more popular.


Jaw crusher + Cone crusher+ VSI sand making machine

Wet sand making is a sand making mode using sand washing machine, which can achieve the roundness of sand in appearance and reduce the content of soil. The wet sand making method is suitable for water areas, which are close to the water source. During the crushing of the stone, the artificial sand will contains a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder due to the intense collision and its soil content. The mud powder will seriously affect the quality of sand. In order to solve the problem of powder content of artificial sand, the sand washing machine is required in the sand making process.The mud powder in the sand can be removed through the washing of the sand washing machine, so as to reach the standard of construction sand. In the process of wet sand making, VSI crusher as sand making machine has the features of high crushing efficiency, which can process stone with fine crushing and coarse grinding. The design of wet sand process is scientific and reasonable, which can ensure the quality and output of artificial sand.


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