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River stone Crushing Line

River stone is a hard material with platts hardness of 15-18 and bulk density of 1.8-2.5t/m³. It can be crushed by wear-resistant crusher, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc..

Solution I

Jaw crusher + fine jaw crusher

The customer with lower requirements for the particle size can apply the configuration of two-stage jaw crusher to product. This configuration own the lowest investment, simplest maintenance, the most economical cost in all programs. However, the the granules of the materials are relatively poor with high proportion of needle-like materials. The high-grade buildings require materials with great particle size that the materials are not very competitive in the market.




Solution II

Jaw crusher +Spring cone crusher

The customer can apply the configuration of two-stage lamination crusher (jaw crusher & cone crusher) and sand making machine when having high the requirements of particle size but low production costs. This configuration can complete the main crushing work through the primary crush and the secondary crush (lamination crush), then the sand making machine will complete the particle shaping. This configuration process can greatly reduce the reverts.

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