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Tin processing plant

Tin is a low-melting metal element with silvery white luster, which is soft and flexible. Its chemical nature is very stable, therefore, tin is not easy to be oxidized at normal temperature. Tin is mainly used to make alloys, tin tubes and tin foil. Tin i.

Part I

Jaw crusher + Fine jaw crusher

Tin ore can be crushed by two-stage crushing process of jaw crusher &fine jaw crusher. The tin ore crushing processes is as follows: tin ore - vibrating feeder - jaw crusher - fine jaw crusher - vibrating screen - final product. After screening, two sizes of materials will be obtained. The qualified material will be conveyed to the product area, and the oversize material returns to the fine jaw crusher for further crushing.




Part II

The final products are conveyed to the ball mill by belt conveyor for grinding, then it is washed by spiral sand washer. The washed materials are put into the mixing tank for mixing, and oversize materials are sent back to the ball mill for re-grinding. The qualified materials are put into flotation cell with suitable flotation agent for a period of flotation. Then the materials are sent to the thickener for primary concentration and precipitation. Finally, the materials are put into dryer for dehydrating, and the tin concentrate can be obtained.

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