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CS Cone Crusher

Max. feeding size:30-400mm.
Applicable materials:granite, limestone, quartz,barite, marble, talcum, calcite, coal, gypsum, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, etc..

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CS cone crusher has features of large crushing capacity, high crushing efficiency, low operation cost, convenient adjustment, economical to use, etc. Reasonable materials of spare parts and structure design improves its service life. Moreover, the final products is of uniform and cubic granularity, thus reducing the production load for re-crushing.

Concave Liners&Mantle Wear

1. High-performance. Combining optimal designing of chamber type with applying reasonable speed and stroke;
2. Optimized design of “spring type” protector for releasing iron;
3. Hydraulic cleaning system decrease the downtime;
4. High reliability. Adopting main shaft with big diameter,heavy main frame and separate automatic oil lubrication system .

Working Principle

The crushing cavity of symons cone crusher consists of the moving cone and the fixed cone. The moving cone is installed on the upper of the main shaft under pressure, while one end of the main shaft is inserted into the conical hole of the eccentric bush. The conical hole of the eccentric shaft bush is internally equipped with the bronze bush or nylon bush. When the transmission gear drives the eccentric shaft bush, the main shaft inserted into the eccentric shaft bush drives the moving cone to keep cycloidal rotation so that the space between the mantle and concave will regularly reduce and increase to squeeze materials and discharge the final crushed materials.


Please strictly refer to the product technical parameters for work. specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual data of machine.

Specification  Model Cavity type Max. diameter  of
moving cone (mm)
Discharge  opening
Max. feeding size
2'FT PSGB-0607 F 600 6-38 60 16-50
2'FT PSGB-0609 M 600 10-38 80 18-65
2'FT PSGB-0611 C 600 13-38 90 22-70
2'FT PSGD-0603 F 600 3.0-13 30 9-35
2'FT PSGD-0605 C 600 5.0-16 40 22-70
3'FT PSGB-0910 F 900 9.0-22 85 49-91
3'FT PSGB-0917 C 900 13-38 150 59-163
3'FT PSGB-0918 EC 900 25-38 150 118-163
3'FT PSGD-0904 F 900 3.0-13 35 27-90
3'FT PSGD-0906 M 900 3.0-16 65 27-100
3'FT PSGD-0907 C 900 6.0-19 85 59-129
4.25'FT PSGB-1324 C 1295 19-51 205 172-349
4.25'FT PSGB-1325 EC 1295 25-51 220 236-358
4.25'FT PSGD-1306 F 1295 3.0-16 54 36-163
4.25'FT PSGD-1308 M 1295 6.0-19 76 82-163
4.25'FT PSGD-1310 C 1295 8.0-25 89 109-227
4.25'FT PSGD-1313 EC 1295 16-25 113 209-236
5.5'FT PSGB-1620 F 1676 16-38 178 181-327
5.5'FT PSGB-1624 M 1676 22-51 205 258-417
5.5'FT PSGB-1626 C 1676 25-64 228 299-635
5.5'FT PSGB-1636 EC 1676 38-64 313 431-630
5.5'FT PSGD-1607 F 1676 5.0-13 60 90-209
5.5'FT PSGD-1608 M 1676 6.0-19 76 136-281
5.5'FT PSGD-1613 C 1676 10.0-25 113 190-336
5.5'FT PSGD-1614 EC 1676 13-25 113 253-336
7'FT PSGB-2127 F 2134 19-38 236 544-1034
7'FT PSGB-2133 M 2134 25-51 284 862-1424
7'FT PSGB-2136 C 2134 31-64 314 1125-1814
7'FT PSGB-2146 EC 2134 38-64 391 1252-1941

Note:The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes. Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

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