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Hammer Crusher

Max. feeding size:300-1200mm.
Applicable materials:copper ore, quartz stone, limestone, coal, etc..

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Having the features of simple structure, large reduction ratio and high production efficiency, it can crush dry and wet raw medium-hard and fragile materials and can be applied to the industries of mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, highway and fuel & chemical. It can be used in fine crush of materials.

Double rotor hammer crusher

a. Large crushing ratio and high production efficiency:
large block materials can be crushed into particle sizes below 70 mm at a time; the processing capacity of single machine can reach up to 5000 t/h.
b. Low energy consumption;
c. Wide usage and high capacity: the full screening structure can produce more cubic end-products while the content of 0-5mm stone powder is lower than 13%.
d. High-level automation makes operation and maintenance convenient and greatly lessen the labor intensity of workers.

Working Principle

The new type single-rotor hammer crusher achieves the crushing effect through three main ways: the hammers striking materials, materials impacting the liner and the collision among materials.


Please strictly refer to the product technical parameters for work. specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual data of machine.

Model Stone hardness Capacity(tph) Feeding size(mm)
<30mm(t/h) <70mm(t/h)
HYPCD1212 ≤150Mpa stone 100 200 ≤700
HYPCD1414 ≤150Mpa stone 160 250 ≤700
HYPCD1416 ≤150Mpa stone 200 350 ≤700
HYPCD1616 ≤150Mpa stone 280 400 ≤700
HYPCD1618 ≤150Mpa stone 320 450 ≤700
HYPCD1620 ≤150Mpa stone 380 530 ≤700
HYPCD1622 ≤150Mpa stone 400 600 ≤700
HYPCD1624 ≤150Mpa stone 450 650 ≤700
HYPCD1626 ≤150Mpa stone 480 680 ≤700
HYPCD1820 ≤150Mpa stone 500 700 ≤700
HYPCD1822 ≤150Mpa stone 550 770 ≤800
HYPCD1824 ≤150Mpa stone 600 840 ≤800
HYPCD1826 ≤150Mpa stone 650 910 ≤800
HYPCD2222 ≤150Mpa stone 800 1120 ≤1000
HYPCD2224 ≤150Mpa stone 1000 1400 ≤1100
HYPCD2226 ≤150Mpa stone 1200 1680 ≤1100
HYPCD2426 ≤150Mpa stone 1500 2100 ≤1100
HYPCD2626 ≤150Mpa stone 2500 3000 ≤1100
HYPCD2630 ≤150Mpa stone 3000 4200 ≤1100
HYPCD2830 ≤150Mpa stone 3500 4900 ≤1100
HYPCD3032 ≤150Mpa stone 4000 5600 ≤1100

Note:The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes. Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

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