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Magnetic Separator

Applicable materials:a wet permanent magnetic separator for separating strong magnetic minerals..

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Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and versatile models in the industry. It is used in the removal of iron powder in powdery particles. The magnetic separator is suitable for magnetite with a particle size of 3mm or less. Ore, roasting ore, ilmenite and other materials, wet magnetic separation, but also for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials in addition to iron operations.

Grinding drum

1 .New-type wet magnetic separation equipment with high efficiency.
2.High magnetic energy and coercivity NdFeB magnets used in the magnetic system makes high magnetic field strength and large effective depth. Therefore, magnetic field strength can maintain for 8 years, and the demagnetization rate will not exceed 5%.
3. With the field strength gradient, smooth transition of the large angle of the magnetic system, increasing the length of the sorting band and the number of magnetic flip, to achieve magnetic minerals and non-(weak) magnetic minerals efficient separation.
4.Non-magnetic the magnetic stainless steel covered in the magnetic system can ensure that the magnet does not fall off.
5.Depending on the purpose and sorting conditions, the series of magnetic separator has a different magnetic system design and tank structure.
6. The tank structure is semi-countercurrent. It can also be based on sorting conditions and user requirements made into a downstream tank.
7.The cylinder is made of non-magnetic stainless steel and wrapped in the company's ultra-wear-resistant rubber, the cylinder significantly improved the service life. 8.The ability to adapt to the production, can withstand a large amount of ore to fluctuations, to the ore particle size and slurry concentration fluctuations.
9.You can simultaneously obtain high grade and high recovery rate of superior mineral processing indicators
10. The series of magnetic separator can be used together, you can also use one of a series, can get excellent mineral processing indicators. 11.Reasonable design, reliable operation, and easy maintenance.

Working Principle

After the slurry into the tank into the tank, the water in the water pipe to the role of the ore particles were loose into the tank to the mining area. In the role of the magnetic field, the magnetic particles are magnetically aggregated to form a "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain", "magnetic group" or "flux chain" in the slurry by the magnetic force, to the magnetic pole movement, and was adsorbed on the cylinder The Since the polarities of the magnetic poles are alternately arranged in the direction of rotation of the cylinders and are fixed at work, the "magnetic masses" or "magnetic chains" are intertwined due to alternating magnetic poles when the cylinders rotate In the "magnetic group" or "flux chain" in the gangue and other non-magnetic minerals in the flip off, and ultimately sucked in the cylinder surface of the "magnetic group" or "magnetic lotus" is the concentrate. The concentrate is transferred to the concentrate tank under the action of the flushing water discharged from the unloading water pipe with the cylinder to the weakest edge of the magnetic system. If it is an all-magnetic roller, the unloading is carried out with a brush roller. Non-magnetic or weak magnetic minerals are left in the slurry with the slurry out of the tank, that is, tailings.


Please strictly refer to the product technical parameters for work. specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the actual data of machine.

Model Cylinder size(diameter ×length)mm Cylinder surface magnetic field strength(mT) Production capacity Motor power(kw) Cylinder speed(r/min)
Center pole Scavenging district average value High magnetic induction intensity t/h M³/h
CTB(N.S)-612 600×1200 / 145 170 10.0-20.0 32 2.2 40
CTB(N.S)-618 600×1800 / 145 170 15-30 48 2.2 40
CTB(N.S)-712 750×1200 120 155 180 15-30 48 3 35
CTB(N.S)-718 750×1800 120 155 180 20-45 72 3 35
CTB(N.S)-918 900×1800 148 165 190 25-55 90 4 28
CTB(N.S)-924 900×2400 148 165 190 35-70 110 4 28
CTB(N.S)-1018 1050×1800 148 165 190 40-75 120 5.5 22
CTB(N.S)-1021 1050×2100 148 165 190 45-88 140 5.5 22
CTB(N.S)-1021 1050×2100 160 240 280 45-88 140 5.5 22
CTB(N.S)-1024 1050×2400 148 165 190 52-100 160 5.5 22
CTB(N.S)-1024 1050×2400 160 240 280 52-100 160 5.5 22
CTB(N.S)-1030 1050×3000 160 240 280 65-125 200 7.5 22
CTB(N.S)-1218 1200×1800 148 165 190 47-90 140 5.5 19

Note:The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes. Technical parameters are subject to change without notice.

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